*Ohio featured in the sourcebook: "In** Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955" *
Text on Ohio by Victor Brand

"In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955" is a survey of serial publications, dating from 1955 to the present day, that have been produced by artists from around the world. Amid historical groundswells like the rise of the little press in the 1960s, the correspondence art movement of the early 1970s, and the DIY culture of zines in the 1980s and early 1990s, professional artists have seized on the format of magazines and postcards as sites for a new kind of art production. These are not publications that feature news items, criticism, manifestos, or reproductions of artworks, but are themselves artworks, often collaborative and idiosyncratic. In large part they are produced by younger artists operating at the peripheries of mainstream art cultures, or by established artists looking for an alternative to the marketplace. "In Numbers" is the first volume to define an overlooked art form that is neither artists’ book nor ephemera, but entirely its own unique object.

Editors: Philip E. Aaron and Andrew Roth
JRP Ringier, December 2009
English, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-03764-085-2
CHF 98 / EUR 65 / £ 50 / US 9

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